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Leonhard von Corbet

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:12 pm
Name: Leonhard von Corbet
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 113kg (250lbs)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British
Zodiac sign: Leo
Likes: Politics, perfection, sweets, tea
Dislikes: His Older brothers, Being the youngest, bitter foods, imperfection
Main Technique: Trips

Leonhard von Corbet is a perfectionist correcting himself at every mistake he makes and even others. He’s often on his high horse flexing his wealth in front of others in public but is very quite in private. He is a savvy businessman often being able to see opportunities way before others even notice them and is a hard negotiator often securing favorable deals with him. Leonhard does suffer from stage fright tho. Often embarrassed only being able to out in a mawashi often causing him the lose his focus in matches.

Background Summary:
Leonhard von Corbet was one of the lucky few boys of britan to be born into the top 1% of families. Enjoying a lavish lifestyle from birth he was very much a spoiled brat Yet he was unfortunate enough to be the youngest boy out of his 4 older brothers leaving him very little in inherit as he grew older. At the ripe age of 18 he was giving 1 million euros to begin his own company. Unlike his other brothers Leonhard was going to have to work for his success. Yet he had no clue where to begin. This would go on for about a year until his parents kicked him out of the house. It was wasn’t until about a month after that misfortune that Leonhard bumped into Preseu… A mistake that hes glad he made. After being knocked senseless after just running into her he asked why a women would be so large. “Look her rich boy I’m not big cus I wanted to be big! That's all ya need to know!” Preseu then preceded to throw him around like a paper weight before moving on. Furious from this encounter Leonhard did some research on Preseu finding out she was a sumo wrestler. That’s when an idea came to his head. “Hey… How about I start a company around sumo!” Leonhard would spend the next two years of his life learning about the sport to the very last detail and practicing it whenever he could. He needed a place where other sumo wrestlers as the market in Britain wasn’t big enough for his liking. That's when a source of his told him about the international sumo club in the USA. Seeing this as the perfect place to start his journey Leonhard applied online and he was accepted (Primarily due to his wealth not skill.) and got on a plane and flew the the United states.

Fighting style: Leonhard’s strength is rather low having not worked a single job in his life he has very little strength. To compensate for this he uses his in depth understanding of sumo to outsmart and trip his opponents when he gets the chance
Noted Other Things:

Despite not having a share in his family's company he’s still has a net worth of around 2 million euros.

Leonhard also makes some excellent tea.

Leonhard's Physical Appearance and body shape
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